Seo Basics

Seo Basics, Brisbane SEO Done For Cheap – Do It yourself – The secret sauce of SEO are these things:

  1. Keyword Research and building blog posts around them. Of course alot more goes into it, but that is the gist.
  2. NAP listings — google it.
  3. On -page seo titles and tags and metas etc.
  4. Backlink profile which PBN and NAP are a part of.
  5. Guest blogging also a part of link profile.
  6. Great content which also ties into anything blogging (above).

Do These Things and YOU WILL RANK!

SEO Done For Cheap

If you just dont have a couple years to learn and build PBN’s etc. etc.

I can do it for you, I’ll set you up rank you and hand you the reigns with a little tutoring so you can maintain it yourself. I can also set you up a clean and honest PBN Brisbane SEO

Some  money goes into buying domains and the domain names so you are really  going to have to investing in your  stuff. Ill show you all the details.

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